MM_profileround2Great Singers hire singing coaches….

Great Athletes hire personal trainers….

 and those that have the desire to explore and enhance aspects of their intimate lives hire Melissa Mango.

We all need support and guidance from a professional that truly understands and has had specific training in the field of sex & intimacy.

Whether you are stuck in a routine, wanting to address a particular sex related issue or simply exploring ways to re-educate and re-wire the mind and body’s response, Melissa has a variety of ways she works with clients.

Somatic Sex Education Package

  • • Initial assessment  
  • • In-depth intake
  • • Three – 2 hour session series 
  • • Package includes home-play assignments and resources for your personal journey. 
  • • One – 30 minute Follow up phone, zoom or Skype session after package completion. 
  • Perfect for an individual that wants to unlock their own eroticism, pleasure and relationship to their own sexuality; radically enhancing the mind-body-pleasure connection.  Feelings and experiences are stored in our body’s ‘emotional database’ and can inhibit our sexual pleasure and fulfillment until we learn how to clear them out.
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Couples ENRICH Package (for two)

  • • Initial consultation for couple together + individually
  • • In-depth intake 
  • • Co create an action plan or define what the focus of each session is
  • • Three – 2 hour sessions as a couple 
  • • Package includes home-play assignments
  • • Resources for your personal journal together as a Enriched Couple
  • • Three – 30 minute Follow up phone, zoom or Skype sessions to be used at any time
  • Perfect for a couple of any orientation who want to ||spice things up||, deepen intimacy with one another & enrich their existing sex lives.  Services included in package are : Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork, Coaching, Self Hypnosis (optional),  Cellular consent exercises and other fun- empowering tools to take home together.
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Organ Detox & Wellness Package

  • • Initial assessment and intake
  • • 5 Series of combined Chi Nei Tsang (abdonminal organs) & Karsai Nei Tsang (sex organs) treatments (Apx 1.5 hours each)
  • • Thai herbal pack to be used during session.
  • Perfect for an individual who wants to address: Organ detox, Digestion issues, Back & Pelvic pain, Dissolving energetic & emotional blocks.  For Cis-Male bodies: Prostate inflammation and stagnation, poor circulation, Non medical erection difficulties, emotional stress.  For Cis-Female bodies: Tilted uterus, Fertility issues, Sexual trauma, Scar tissue, Fibroids, emotional stress. This treatment is not relaxing nor arousing in nature. All genders welcome.
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Hypnosis / Coaching Package

  • • Initial assessment  
  • • In-depth intake 
  • • Action plan 
  • • Three – 1 hour sessions
  • • MP3 of personalized guided meditation for take home 
  • • Package includes some take-home assignments and resources for your personal journey. 
  • • One – 30 minute Follow up phone, zoom or Skype session after package completion. 
  • Perfect for those wanting to harvest inner resources, safely remove emotional blockages, as well as shift negative patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent from having the intimate lives that they crave. In a single Hypnosis session, one can ramp up desired sensation, boost and anchor self confidence and empowerment, and even create a dramatic healing both on the physical and the emotional.
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1:1 Sessions Available 

Melissa only works with folks who commit to a minimum of (3) sessions. This is to insure there is a deep and profound experience and the individual or couple are committed to the work and the magic of the unfolding. A lot can happen in one session – but a more in depth shift happens in a series of consecutive sessions.

                        Initial Intake and assessment and first foundational session is $200 2hrs                                               2nd and 3rd sessions that follow are $180. each. (apx 2hrs each in length)

 In a first session and intake we will discuss your unique history, health, and your specific goals. We may do exercises appropriate for your goals such as boundary-setting and consent (your true YES, and NO), getting in-tune with your intuition, and building your tools of empowerment. From there we will design a inspiring plan for your future sessions. (Packages are the best value and have the greatest benefit) 

Live long distance? Inquire about virtual session on Zoom & Skype.

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