Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps update your internal software so to speak!

Is there something your are struggling with or perhaps simply ready to shift?


Buried within our “deeper mind” there are programs and core beliefs that have been there a long time, sometimes since early childhood and even infancy. These old beliefs keep our lives, circumstances and even our sexual experiences far form what we want, static or stuck.   This can frustrate and annoy us. We could be experiencing so much more in our lives, in our bodies and in our beds and hypnosis can help shift things. Those old programs must be upgraded as we grow and even desire new things. Otherwise, we run into a cycle of the “same-old-same-old” results. Do you want different results?

Hypnosis can help!

In our session, we will tap into that deeper mind using relaxing hypnosis to safely and confidently move through and dissolve these blockages and limiting beliefs that have kept you from being the person you want to be or having the experiences you crave. Let’s get you to a place where you can experience the kind of juicy-hot-connected-sensual-satisfying sex and intimacy you know is out there.

Let me show you how to use the power of your own mind to bring about the change you most desire.

Hypnosis is great for :

Treating performance anxiety

Increase pleasure and orgasm

Healing ED – erectile dysfunction (non medical)

Personal empowerment

Coping with depression

Managing and healing from PTSD

Habit Redirection, Addiction Solutions i.e. Food, Smoking, Co-dependency,

Dissolving fears and phobias

Managing stress and Anger

Implementing a change in behavior

Experience deep relaxation

Relieving religious, cultural and social inhibitions

Supporting transgender, transexual, and gender variant clients by increasing relaxation, confidence and healthy self esteem

Support pre and post surgery and medical procedures

and so much more…

Note: I recommend you start with a complimentary 15 minute session by phone, skype or in person to see if this work is for you. Sessions average 60-90 minutes each, usually 90 minutes. You will learn techniques based on your needs and I may make a personalized MP3 for you to take home and use on an ongoing basis. I recommend that you plan to attend 1-5 sessions, every person’s situation varies. Working with Melissa requires an initial investment of $200 for a 2hr Intake interview, assessment and action plan. Some discounts are available for students and clients and well as packages- please inquire if needed.

1:1 Session In person, phone or Skype

Initial Intake / assessment and first session $200 2hrs 

$125. Sessions thereafter. Packages available. 

$350 for 3 session package

Curious? Ready to book an appointment, workshop or class?