Is your mind cock-blocking you from pleasure?

Our sexual organs are always communicating with us. These power centers, right at the base of who we are, are relating information to us when they excitedly into something and when they are not interested.  Sometimes, it is obvious when they enjoy something and are a... read more

Thoughts on a woman’s tightness

The lovely Lara Catone, a friend and sexual wellness colleague of mine made a post on my feed yesterday that I felt was important to share to both men and woman! As a Yoga teacher and Sexual wellness educator she was asked to write a piece for a Woman’s Mag... read more

Relationship Detox

Green juices, salt scrubs and colonics are a few of the things that may come to mind when you hear the word Detox. Unless of course you’re a Dr. Dre fan. Never mind. Much like our physical bodies accumulating toxins from our environment, the foods we eat and and other... read more