Did you know that our brain responds to specific events the same whether it is real or imaginary.  Read that again.

Ever get a knot in your stomach just from thinking about something, or butterflies without the cause actually being there or happening?

It’s all in your mind and yet the body is still responded as if it were so.

How about you use this as leverage for change and let’s play a game.

I’d like you to experiment and try and imagine a specific positive outcome that you truly desire in your life.

It can be a certain job, a change in career, a change in the shape of your body

or maybe the way you want a certain situation to go.
Sit somewhere private, close your eyes and use your imagination in as much rich, vivid detail as possible!

Enroll all the senses when thinking about [what it is] that you want.

What is it like to see it? To play out the situation just the way you imagine it like the prefect short film?

What exactly does it feel like in your body, or in your hands or to see through your eyes?

How does it smell?

How does it taste?

What is it you would be doing, or how would you be moving your body in this situation?

and most importantly….
I invite you to think about and imagine [of your results]  in your mind’s eye how it makes you feel on a deep soul level?

Are you excited? Overwhelmed? Fuzzy feeling? Goosebumps? Tingly in the solar plexus?

Whether it is a simply a dream or actually happening doesn’t matter…
Imagine what ever it is that you want to do, be or have, in it’s fullest most vibrant state! Give the mind and body a chance to respond to what it is you are imagining.

When you “dream into” and associate yourself in to what it is you actually want, you will manifest it into this reality just like the butterflies, the knots or the gut feelings. The body responds to your imagination… so create it! Feel it!

Speak through all of your senses, your cells are listening.

This is a powerful exercise that I lead clients through with everything from the new car they want, to the new shape of their body to even

the way they want to be in the bed room.
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